Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Band Meeting

just thought we would give an update about our lives since we haven't really been "communicating" lately:

the album artwork, disc art, and master cd are all in the hands of a company in california, who will press and print our album. its kind of scary just sending everything you've worked on for the last year to some people you don't know, and trusting that everything comes back the way you want it and imagined it all this time.. but we'll get it back in a week or so, and we couldn't be more excited.

our cd release show is all set for July 16th @ The Firebird. Netherfriends are playing with us, if you haven't seen them live lately, you really should. They put on an incredibly fantastic live show.

what else...justin got sunburned pretty bad when he went fishing last weekend, he also phish-ed when they played in Indianapolis last week. bo is going to new york citay today to see his girlfriend. trevor continues employment at the retirement community, he should really be receiving community service trophies as well as paychecks. we've been writing a new song, we're digging it very much.

our tour to the east coast is coming together nicely. we look forward to that immensely. there is something about playing shows, sleeping terribly and driving many hours everyday with the same people that somehow equals the most fun thing in the world. not sure why.

can't wait to see you.


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