Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've Been Thinking

I was driving down Big Bend tonight, and my ipod dug up a gem of a song. You know when you go back and listen to music you used to love, but you never listen to anymore, and it's still good? There's no better feeling. It makes you feel better and smarter than everyone. So this song by Soul Coughing comes on called "Misinformed," totally not a great band in the long run, but they had some jams, and this song was a staple of my 13 year old world, and it still gets me going.
This got me thinking about other music from my past, which led me to my computer to type what I'm currently typing. Here is my (ever-growing and changing) list of under-rated, under-recognized, under-appreciated bands, that everyone should know and love, at least in my head:
1. McLusky. If you've never heard this band, pick up a copy of "McLuskyism: A Sides." They should be in the Rock n Roll hall of fame for this album.
2. Cake. I know they had some popular singles, and everyone knows who Cake is, but they have such an amazing catalog that no one knows. They were my absolute favorite band for a long time, and I have no shame saying it.
3. The Cadets. Lesser known, but equally as great. They are from Florida, now defunct. Emperor X was the bass player.

Here's my list of albums that fall into the same category:
1. The Cadets - "On the Death of Science as a Major World Religion"
You'd be hard pressed to find a copy of this, but it is easily one of my top 5-ish favorite albums ever. I'll give you a copy if you promise to love it as much as I do.
2. Doug Martsch - "Now You Know"
There is one song on this album I don't care about, the rest of them are insane. Almost makes you wonder why he ever started Built to Spill.
3. Holopaw - "Holopaw"
If you've ever listened to the Ugly Casanova album, this is the guy Isaac Brock collaborated with from that. It won't grab you right off the bat, but it will work its way in, deep.
4. Sparklehorse - "It's a Wonderful Life"
I am usually never phased or sad when a "celebrity" dies, but when Mark Linkous killed himself a couple weeks ago, I felt really depressed by it. For some reason, I relate to him and his songs a lot, this album shaped the way I write music from a very early age. And I know because of his suicide, Sparklehorse has been getting more attention lately, but I never heard much about this album back in the day (there also weren't 3 million music blogs in 2001), and its so good, in a very strange way.

I'm sure this list will grow now that I'm thinking about it, but this is my top-of-the-head run at it. Any takers?



  1. Oddly enough,I've never actually listened to The Cadets. I'll trade you the two The Lake eps for their records,deal?

  2. i needa check out that Doug Martsch stuff. sounds sick naesty.