Monday, April 20, 2009


Welcome to the EXERCISE blog. We've never done this before, so if you wouldn't mind making the first move, that would be great.
You can listen to us here, or check out some lo-fi videos of us here
. Having never been responsible for a blog before, i'm not sure how this will go.. we will try to update you with the grossest, mind-blowingest, detailed details of our lives as often as possible, cause it turns out that's what people want to hear about these days.

For those of you who don't know, we used to be a band called Berlin Whale. After an abundance of band member changes over an abbreviated amount of time, Berlin Whale faded away, but resolved to make new musics with its new members. Out of that confusion and general disapproval from the public came a new set of chesty songs under the name EXERCISE, a threesome including the likes of Justin Hickey, Bo Bulawsky, and Trevor Berkholtz. EXERCISE played its "first" show in July of 2008 in St. Louis. In February of 2009, EXERCISE finished recording its debut full length album with Ryan Wasoba of the band So Many Dynamos, local fan favorites and long time friends. It was a 3 month long process,
forged during the frozen winter at a two story home situated in a small southern Illinois town. The record will be released in its entirety in the summer of 2009, followed by tours, including one "pre-release" tour in late May with our good pals Netherfriends from Chicago.

But enough story telling, this is what our
album cover looks like. We adore it.

See you in the future!

love, exercise


  1. Sweet, i'm looking forward to this album drop more than anything else right now. Can't wait.

  2. as am i. sick album art!

    lets hear about the recording process!

  3. Ah man, That's a great idea. Definitely try to post some recording stories if any. Or how you chose to do a song a certain way on certain tracks. Super please.