Thursday, April 23, 2009

One thing bands didn't have to think about 20 years ago...

The ability to search for your band on the internet.
A name like EXERCISE doesn't lend itself to being searched for very easily. Try Googling "exercise st. louis" and you'll have to scroll through about 50 pages or perhaps more to get to anything related to us. The other day, "exercise st. louis" got us up to page 22 (the highest ever) of the Google search results, but today we're no where to be found. Try anything you want really, "exercise music" gives you a multitude of new agey jock jams type cds, "exercise band" gives you a list of rubber strength training equipment. "Exercise myspace" seems to do the trick, although the first search result is for a band called Exercise One.. which frankly I find very annoying. And searching "exercise myspace" for some reason doesn't link you to our myspace page, it only gives a link to our photos or blog..
It's not until you combine everything, "exercise music st. louis myspace band," (or something) that Google gives in to placing us at the top. Actually "exercise st. louis myspace" puts us at the top, and "exercise music st. louis" puts us at about number 5..
But damn you, Google, and all the gyms in st. louis too.

Maybe it just hasn't been quite long enough yet, but if the band Health can make it on to the first page of search results just by typing in "health," then god damnit we should too. One day...

Here's an anecdote about our name. Orginally, Exercise was going to be the name of the 2nd Berlin Whale album. So when BW fell apart and we wrote new songs, we debated for a long time about whether to keep the name Berlin Whale or change it, and what we would change it to. We changed it, obviously, and using the name Exercise was a way for us to kind of uphold any semblance of what once was, even if we were the only ones to know it.

This is what we look like attempting to write a song late at night.


  1. Mmmm....late nite exercise

  2. I was actually wondering the same thing while I was searching for the youtube videos. thanks for posting the links to 'em on the blog.